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in total luxury...

Submerge yourself


$55 - 60 minutes

A blissful combination of aromatherapy, color therapy, and heated air bubbles infused with herbs and sea salts, to create the ultimate spa treatment. Millions of tiny air bubbles, lightly massage against the skin, activating the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow, stimulating endorphins, and relieving sore muscles. Along with color light therapy, which has an effect on human bio-rhythms and equilibrium, promotes full body relaxation and balancing.


$35 - 30 minutes

This mini bath has you submerged in total luxury. Infused with seasonal herbs and salts in combination with therapeutic air bubbles for a relaxing ritual.



$65 - 60 minutes

Bathing in the Mother Milk is the total essence of femininity. As you submerge yourself in the opaque silky waters, you can feel your skin soften as it's gently exfoliated. A true ancient beautifying ritual.



$65 - 60 minutes

Refresh with an oceanic ritual bath. Connecting you to the oceans of the world, with rich phytonutrient sea water. You will feel the magic of the tides as your body ebbs and flows finding true balance within.



$65 - 60 minutes

The detoxifying qualities of mud bathing connects us to our ancient roots. Where we are summoned to “take to the waters,” a ritual which has been practiced for thousands of years.



$25 - 30 minutes

    This relaxing Foot Bath is infused with natural herbs and sea salts to help aid in detoxing and softening of the feet. Along with warming air bubbles to stimulate circulation and Shiatsu massage to add soothing relief. With this power house combination, your feet will thank you. 

Cold Plunge Bath

$35 - 30 minutes

The cold plunge bath is the therapeutic service that challenges you to surrender to the water. With temperatures between 70 to 85 degrees, this allows the body to reduce chronic pain, lower inflammation, and boost immune system support. This cooling treatment is infused with herbs and salts which makes it so refreshing.

Waves of Color

$35 - 30 minutes  //  $60 - 60 minutes

​The Earth and Water chakra bio mat, HUSO sound therapy treatment is
self healing in another dimension. This frequency vibration session includes sound therapy and far infrared heated gemstone therapy. Sound is designed to balance the autonomic nervous system and recalibrate the electromagnetic field of the body through tones and vibration.

The chakra bio mat therapy uses natural gemstones of Amethyst, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Carnelian, and Red Jasper to balance and cleanse the chakra system. Along with far infrared that penetrates deep into the body promoting total relaxation. The heated gemstones release negative ions which increase oxygen flow to the brain. Along with the PEMF system that stimulates the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

This one of a kind treatment induces:

Relaxation, Circulation, Detoxification, Improved Sleep, Decrease Stress, Accelerates Recovery, Pain Relief,  Arthritis Relief

Sound Bath 

$45 - 40 minutes  //  $65 - 60 minutes  

​An inward meditative journey creating a whole body sensory experience, bathing you in sounds and vibrations. This harmonic immersion allows you a moment to recalibrate and recharge the body with perfect frequency.

After a session you will feel like you are floating on water.

Service Add-Ons



To begin the Ayurvedic Ritual process. You will start with a hot cup of seaweed tea before your spa service, to relax and prep the body for detoxification. Following your spa treatment, you will be greeted with a glass of cooling chlorophyll water, to help replenish and hydrate the body back to balance. Allowing all of the senses to resonate in harmony, with the benefits of hot/cold therapy.

Come enjoy the sacredness of water, with its renewing ritual.

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