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Luxury Bath Set

Luxury Bath Set


A great introduction to theraputic bathing, or the perfect gift to the ultimate luxury collection. The Luxury Bath Set features traveler sizes of the Milk, Mud, and Sea Baths.



Bathing in the Mother Milk. Submerging yourself in the total essence of femininity. The power of this life giving force will make your skin feel supple and soft while exfoliating. You will reemerge with your skin feeling like your first day on Earth.

INGREDIENTS: Whole Milk Powder, Yogurt Powder, Honey Powder, Dendritic Salt, Geranium Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Rose Petals, Rose Buds.



Finally a good reason to play in the mud! The therapeutic qualities of mud are endless and have been used for thousands of years. Now, you will not only be connected to the ancient ones, but also feel your inner child emerge as you enjoy your very own mud puddle.

INGREDIENTS: French Black Clay, French Green Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Patchouli Oil.



The power of the sea in a bottle. Connecting you to the oceans of the world with rich phytonutrient sea water. You will feel the magic of the tides as your body ebbs and flows finding true balance within.

INGREDIENTS: Norwegian Kelp, Dead Sea Salts, French Green Clay, Lemongrass Oil, Lemon Oil.

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